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At Last. My Premature Release and Small size finally over. I now Screw Iyawo hard all night long till she screams my name on the Heavenly Rooftops



If you know You Are Battling With Either Fast Release Or Small Cucumber And You Really Want To Put An End To This Embarrassing Menace. Then You Need To Read My Crazy Bitter Sweet Experience To The End
Because By The Time You are Through With My Story, You will Discover How To Quickly Stop Quick Release And Grow your weak Small Pencil Like Policeman To A Mighty Stiff Soldier Monster Cocoyam That You And Your Woman Can Be Proud Of.
You’ll Discover How An Ancient Asian Formula Can Give You Rock Hard ,Long Lasting Gbedu, So You’ll Go From Looking Like This

To This

This Is Exactly How My Size is Now And I’d Be Lying Through My Teeth If I Told You I Used To Look Like This.

I Was A Hard Hitting Ladies Man In My Twenties
But Suddenly At 31, I Became A One Minute, Fast Shooting Bedroom Failure Of An Accident Waiting To Happen.
It All Happened On The 5th Of September 2013.
On That Thursday Morning At My Apartment In Surulere,
I Bent Down To Kiss My Girlfriend Goodbye,

Something STRANGE Happened.
Before I Tell You The Strange Thing That Happened,
I Have A Confession To Make.
I Was A Smooth Talking, Seductively Seducing, Ladies Man
Several Years Ago When I Was A Student At The University Of Ibadan, I Always Had Ladies Flocking Round Me.
Because I Was Damn Good In Giving Them What They Wanted.
Making Them Scream Out Loud, If You Know What I Mean,
In Za Other Room.

They Kept Complimenting Me That My Cassava Was Too Hard .
Youthful Energy I Guess.
They Also said I Was Handsome And Sexy As Hell!
But As I Got Older And Was Due To Be Promoted At First Bank, Lagos The Stress Of Work , Had Gotten The better Of Me,
And My Then Girlfriend Was Complaining Bitterly
And To Make Matters Worse, I Had A Tiny Instrument
I just Used it Well As Undergraduate And Post – Graduate Student.

But Presently,
It Was As Small As Pencil
Coupled With Its Weak nature,
Was A Complete Double Wahala For Dead Body As Fela Would Say.

My Girlfriend Anita And Side Chicks Chidinma And Folake Back Then Began To Avoid Me As If I Was A Leprous Begger.
That’s When I Knew The Struggle Was Real,

Don’t Get Me Wrong………I Love Women ,
Always Have And Always Will,
I Couldn’t Even Begin To Imagine What It Would Be Like
Staying Without Them
It Was Horrific! A Real Torture!!
Since I Had A Weak Tiny Instrument That Dangled Embarrassingly Smaller Than My Little Finger,

Releasing Fast Was The Final Nail In My Bedroom Coffin.
On That Fateful Thursday Morning,
As I Took Off My Endowed Girlfriend’s Underwear
From Her Absolutely Sexy Body For A Quickie Before Work,
My Cucumber Refused To Catch Fire.

She Gave Me A Blow Job Which Did Nothing To Spark My Dead Cucumber To Life.

Which Kind Dick Be This Sef?
Wetin Do Am? Asked Anita, Obviously Annoyed.
Ten Minutes Later My Little Boy Managed To Wake Up Lazily Like A Lazy Youth.
I Entered Her Body So Curvy And Soft That No Man Could Resist
But Immediately I Felt Some Sensations And Released Less Than A Minute Later.

Anita Looked At Me In Disgust.
Her Figure 8 Hour Glass Shape Was Enough To Make Any Man Hard
Especially With One Look At Her Arsenal Booty And Manchester United.

But Here, My Cucumber Was Struggling To Rise Up And Salute Her
I Can’t Take It Anymore, You Don’t Satisfy Me Again, Anita Screamed
She Cried As She Hurriedly Went To Her Room.
She Left Me A Month Later In The Cold

My Life Changed. It Was Terrible!!!
No Girlfriend, No Woman. Cold Nights
I Had Low Self Esteem. I felt Worthless and Inferior
I questioned myself

Could the Witches in my village be Responsible?
Because With every New Babe I Sampled,
I Continued to Spill My Milk Faster Than Ben Johnson And Carl Lewis
After Endless Minutes Of Trying To Get hard With My Tiny Pencil

What happened To The days I Got Hard Instantly?
When I Could Rock A Babe Non Stop For 40 minutes
When I Made Them Scream