BBNaija: Frodd dumps Venita to spend the night on Esther’s bed (video)

Fans of Big Brother Naija reality show woke up this morning to the somewhat ‘shocking’ update that Frodd dumped Venita to spend the night on Esther’s bed.
BBNaija: Frodd dumps Venita to spend the night on Esther's bed (video)
Now, here’s the back story! At the beginning of the season, Frodd made his feelings and intentions known to Esther, but she turned him down on several occasions that even caused Frodd to cry a couple of times.
Then Venita, one of the new housemates entered the house and somehow, she ‘clicked’ with Frodd and fans of the show became genuinely happy that Frodd has finally been compensated.
BBNaija: Frodd dumps Venita to spend the night on Esther's bed (video)
Esther however remained in the picture and the ‘love triangle’ has been a bit of an issue in the house.
Last night however, Frodd, risked it all by ‘dumping’ Venita (who fans believe genuinely ‘likes’ him) to spend the night with Esther (who fans believe doesn’t have feelings for him)
See the video below;
Frodd you only had one job!! To be loyal to Venita coz she brought your confidence back. Some men never learn!!! 🤦‍♀️🙄🥶😫
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Frodd u be real ode mumu🙆🏾‍♂️....see as venita set yellow pikin wey complete Kai frodd has fucked up🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️🙆🏾‍♂️
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It’s obvious Frodd no get shame at all, no game plan. It’s painful thou, bcos I watch BB today bcos of Frodd, I thought he has something to offer but obviously fucking empty brain. Pls stop Wasting your money, Data & airtime voting him..... it’s over for him
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Frodd is freaking annoying, but i think i understand his ass. Local man is looking for a promising relationship and he knows that won't happen with Venita, she's already a baby mama.
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Wow I guess I slept earlier than I should cuz damn shit went down...Frodd slept on Esther’s bed and his hands were moving.Tacha and Seyi has a big fight and now they aren’t talking...Good Morning Nigeria seems like there is hope for this season after all
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I’m so happy for Frodd. He started slow but his fanbase is increasing everyday. A real definition of a hustler. Credit to Venita tho.
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Omo! Frodd is the show now! 👏👏👏👏👏👏
Camera following him everywhere this morning, even if he goes to take a shit!

Frodd and Venita's sleight of hand has all the housemates confused.

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Any man that leaves a woman like Venita for Esther has a grand plan. I hope Frodd proves me right
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If truly frodd left venita for Esther he is mad! I repeat he is mad!! Even after knowing about her situation smh 😡
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I will not say anything negative about frodd but why?this guy needs that specialist ike was asking for
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