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How To Make Money Online Working From Your Home In 2019



The dream of every person is to be able to make money online from the comfort of their home using less effort, but yet making so much money online. In this era of technology and internet services, everyone no longer needs an office to make adecent income from the internet. In this blog post today, we will see the tested and sure trusted ways to get you up in “joining the online money making gang”.

Enough of the story, check out the best ways to make a decent $1,000 monthly income working from the comfort of your home below:

How to make $1,000/monthly working from home
  1. Starting a Blog
    Are you suprised that blogging tops the list of our top ways of making money online? Well the truth is wheter you take it or leave it, the fact cannot be denied that blogging the right way is surely a work from home idea. I know at this point, you will join the bandwagon i saying that blogging is overhyped or no longer profitable, but just to shock you, bloggin actually still pays if you are doing it rightly. Information marketing works best with blogging. You are reading my blog right now and it’s possible to have many people reading your blog the same way you are reading mine. 
    Taking a look at this blog, you will see that income sources are scattered all over.
    You may not make a lot at first, but with dedication, patience and lots of traffic, you will get there. It is easy to start a blog and you can do so from the comfort of your home, using either Google Blogger or WordPress
  2. Mini-Importation
    Mini-importation means that shopping for little quantities of things you’d prefer to sell as opposed to importing giant shipments of that very same item. The distinction is that you simply can begin mini-importation with as very little capital as you can afford, depending on your scale.
    You won’t ever have the need to leave your house since you can place your orders, build payments, and have the things dropped at your house. Then you’ll list those things on e-commerce stores like Jumia or Amazon and build income marketing them.
  3. Freelancing
    You have probably heard of persons saying they make income from upwork, freelancer or fiverr, well that is freelancing. Freelancing is one in all the best, fastest and best ways that can make you money online while not creating any capital investments. If you have got skills like programming, writing, reading, typing, graphics design, copy-writing, etc, there are persons and companies out there willing to hire you.
    People make steady income operating as freelancers for folks. One issue is, you will need to be smart at what you are doing. If you can not do the duty, don’t settle for it.
  4. Write for websites
    As a writer, your opportunities to make money from your home are plenty. There are lots of sites that pay writers to write for them. Do your research properly online and you will find lots of sites which offer this opportunity. Now, you could be making as much as $1000 monthly depending on how much you are working.
  5. Tutoring
    If you are skilled in any particular area or field, you could start up online tutoring. It is very simple, and you will enjoy it too if you enjoy teaching. There are several sites which could help you get started with your tutoring business such as
    You could also package your information as a course and sell it on
  6. Online surveys
    Online survey is a great way to make some cool monthly income. You will fine many good survey websites online where all you need to do is give your opinion on products and offers, and make money.
    Unfortunately, online surveys does not work in every country. It only just started working in Nigeria and it does not pay much so I wouldn’t worry much about this one. If you live outside Nigeria, though, it may be worth looking into.
  7. Dropshipping
    Dropshipping is the new talk of the down as you don’t even need to have a physical product to make a decent income online here. Sites such as eBay and Amazon allow you to buy and sell on their site. The way dropshipping works is you place an order with the seller on behalf of the buyer, with the buyer thinking you ARE the seller. The seller will then deliver the product to the buyer on your behalf thinking you are the buyer. Basically, you sit in-between and make money.
    OK, the devil is in the details, but overall, dropshipping is an excellent business model that thrives on e-commerce. It doesn’t work so well in Nigeria because most buyers would prefer to pay you on delivery which basically defeats the very aim of dropshipping.
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