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BBNaija: ‘Balloon no fit burst balloon?’ – Nigerians boo Mercy for trying hard to use her bumbum to burst a balloon

Nigerians have taken to twitter to boo Mercy for not being to burst a balloon with her bumbum at ones during Friday night arena games. Mercy who was playing the game as instructed by Biggie to use their bumbum to burst a balloon did not find it very easy when it got to her turn.
Nigerians think Mercy did not find that part of the game easy because of her artificial bumbum. Recall, it was reported few months ago that the 26 year old paid a huge amount for BUMBUM surgery.
Image result for Mercy's bumbum
Her inability to burst a balloon with her bumbum has generated lots of comments from Viewers of BBNaija. See some reactions below:
How many times did lady silicon try to burst the balloon again? Little did she know a balloon cannot burst a balloon. 😂😂
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Mercy completes the challenge in 4 minutes, 49 seconds. 

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