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BBNaija: ‘I’m Unpredictable’ – What Tacha And Ike Discussed About Mike Behind Him

The drama in the Big Brother house is getting hotter with fights and controversies rearing their ugly heads at every opportunity; hence the mini meeting housemates, Tacha and Ike had on them.
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Recall that Mike and Tacha had gotten into a verbal match during a search for missing plantains a day earlier. He had questioned why she had a bottle of honey in her locker and in her defence, she said that she had specifically ordered for it to add to her facial scrub. Catch up on their exchange below:
Hours later, Tacha and Ike then did a playback of the incident and discussed it. She opened up on how she felt Mike was deliberately attacking her any chance he got to get a reaction out of her and why she won’t let him have the satisfaction.
Some of her words were, “ I know Mike is trying to capitalize on my weakness to get me a strike, but he won’t succeed. That’s why I ignore him When I see that you’re deliberately looking for something, I won’t let you have it. He does all this things so I can react and become the bad guy while he keeps quiet! You think you can predict me.. no I’m unpredictable!”
Dear God we're most grateful for giving us this beautiful, smart, intelligent n sweet human in NATacha Akide. Her awesomeness is so glaring even to the faces of those who lives in denial!

For your blessings on her life, we lift up our hands🙌in praises.
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Ike, in reply told her, “For a 23 year old, you are very smart. I’m not even as smart as you at my age. He’s my friend, I see what he does to you and Frodd. He will come at you, and once you react he now steps backs. He’s being petty. I have noticed how he tries to trigger you all the time and later make people see him as the good one.”

“When I see that you’re deliberately looking for something, I won’t let you have it,” Tacha 

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