Are you a subscriber? Do you want to top up your SIM? I am sure you are looking for mtn recharge code for that. If the answers to these questions are YES! Then, you are on the right page.

As an MTN customer, recharging your SIM is a must if you want to make use of it. People buy airtime multiple times every day because it is of extreme importance. What do you need credit or card for? Here’s a few.
  • Make / send calls
  • To send SMS
  • Purchase data
  • To register for special services.
I’m sure you know most of these things already so no need emphasizing on them, let’s get to the code that brought you here.

MTN Recharge Code (Old & New)

MTN has managed to maintain one recharge code since they first started operations in Nigeria and that code is *3551*10 Recharge PIN Digit# (new) or *555*Recharge Pin# as the old code for top up card with 12 digits.
To use, first purchase your recharge card that contains the recharge pin. MTN recharge pin can be 12 (old) or 10 (new) digits in number.

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After that enter the code *555* or *3551* and then enter the 12 or 10 digits recharge pin before #,  respectively then send. For example, if these are the digits of your recharge pin “123456789012”, you should dial *555*123456789012#.
On a successful recharge, a notification containing the amount of airtime you loaded will be displayed on your screen as confirmation.
After that, you should proceed to check your airtime balance to be sure you have been credited – sometimes, network issues may affect it.

How to Check Balance to Confirm Recharge

Just as you use a USSD code to recharge your SIM, you will also make use of a USSD code to check your airtime balance. The code for this one is *556#.
Simply dial the code from your MTN SIM and your airtime balance will b displayed as an onscreen notification and also sent to you as SMS.

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Recharge Unsuccessful – The Cause

Sometimes your recharge may be unsuccessful and you get a notification like “This Pin is incorrect” – it shows that you are not entering the digits of the recharge pin correctly.
On 2nd trial, ensure that you carefully enter the digits, if it is still unsuccessful, it could be that your recharge pin is an incorrect one entirely.
You should return it and request for another recharge card. Do not try to enter the same pin again because your line will be barred from loading airtime on the 5th trial.

Other Ways to Top Up on MTN

Aside from loading airtime using the MTN recharge code, there are a few more methods which you can use to get airtime. Here’s some.

MTN on Demand

With MTN on Demand you can get airtime by paying from your bank account. It is easy and the code for it is *904#.
To go about this, simply dial the code from your MTN SIM and follow the on screen prompts.
One thing to note with using this option is that your MTN number must be connected with your bank account, it won’t work if it is not.


This another means to get airtime on your MTN SIM. MTN XtraTime allows you to borrow airtime from MTN which you will have to pay for on your next recharge.
A 5 – 15% charge is charged depending on the amount you are requesting for. The code for this is *606# and there are some requirements you need to meet before you can make use of the code. What are these requirements?
  • Your account balance should be lesser than N13
  • You must have been an MTN customer for more than 3 months
  • Must have recharged up to N200 every month for 3 months
These are the basic requirements, if you meet them, then you can follow the below steps to use it.
  • Dial *606# from your MTN line
  • Select XtraTime from the menu
  • Select the amount you want.
Your airtime account will be credited with the amount you choose and you can make use of the airtime just as a normal airtime you recharge.

Final Note

If you need to load airtime, you now know the code to use. If you do not have money at hand and you still wish to recharge, you can make use of the other means listed in this article if you are eligible.