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Video of FUTA school father and his school daughter in police station after they were arrested for beating up a 100 level student

The FUTA school father and his school daughter who ganged up with others to beat up a 100 level student have been arrested and were filmed in a police station.
The school father, his school daughter, and about three other girls organized to beat up Bolu, a 100 Level Ecotourism and Wildlife Management student of the Federal University of Technology, Akure (read here and here). 
The assault angered people after the video was shared online and students went after the school father. The school father and school daughter were soon arrested.
In the video showing them in the station, people can be heard screaming angrily at them in the background.
"I'll kill you myself," a male voice is heard saying to the culprits.
A mob of angry students are reportedly waiting outside the station to see how far the case will go.
Watch the video below.

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