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VIDEO: Princess Shyngle Sells Diamond Ring Her Boyfriend Used To Propose After Dumping Him

Princess Shyngle after dumping her Senegalese US-based boyfriend over cheating claims has wickedly sold the diamond ring he used to propose marriage to her.

Some two months ago, Princess Shyngle and her boyfriend, Frederic Badji staged a marriage proposal where he put an expensive ring on her finger to show how deeply he is in love with her.
Fast-forward to November, their relationship which became the talk on social media for weeks has ended on rocks as predicted by the pessimists.
In a deleted Instagram post by Princess Shyngle concerning why she dumped Frederic, she is never going to give his diamond ring to him even though it’s over between them.
In videos available to, Princess Shyngle could be seen at a jewellery shop selling the diamond ring believed to be what her ex-boyfriend used to propose.
Watch the videos below.

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