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Badger found butchered to death in Satanic “Jack The Ripper-style” killing

A “Jack The Ripper-style” killing of a harmless badger has left locals concerned.

The animal was found butchered to death on a farm in West Cornwall - an aggressive attack that has left the area shocked.

West Cornwall Hunt Saboteurs posted a photograph of the badger on its Facebook page, stating the animal had its stomach slit open front to back with its intestines wrapped around its mouth in a “ritual-style killing”.

The incident has been reported to police.

The terrible discovery was made on a farm near the hamlet of Sheffield, near Penzance .

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police said: “We have been made aware of a report of a dead badger being located on farmland in St Just on Saturday, December 7.”

A spokesman for the group said: “Our badger expert who has seen it all said this is the worst thing he’s seen in all his years.”

The saboteurs stressed that the badger wasn’t killed by a local hunt.

A former member of West Cornwall Badger Group said: "I have been involved with 'badger rescue' for over 20 years in West Cornwall and have the unfortunate experience of seeing at first hand injuries to these animals.

"Sometimes they are inflicted by other badgers, sometimes caused by road traffic accidents and other times gunshot or snare wounds . In all of these years I have never something so depraved such as this.

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