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Kanye West goes all out in head-to-toe silver to star in his new opera 'Mary' in Miami

Kanye West is definitely committing when it comes to his newest opera, Mary.

The Jesus Is King rapper, and opera creator, turned up at the Marine Stadium in Miami, Florida, on Sunday, decked out in head-to-toe silver -- including a billowing silver jumpsuit-like robe and full silver face and body paint -- for his role in his latest opera.

While West did not actually appear in his first opera, Nebuchadnezzar, late last month -- instead opting to narrate the show from behind a curtain -- he took on a leading role for Mary, which retells the Nativity story. The show also fell on the final day of the famous Art Basel art fair, and truly seemed like some next-level performance art.

West was reportedly not the only one in a metallic ensemble. In fact, the artist was joined by an ensemble of supporting characters and performers who were also decked out like robot Christmas ornaments.

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