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Katie Price planning to be new Real Housewives star in US TV career relaunch

Katie Price is reportedly planning to launch herself in America in a bid to become their latest reality TV star.

The 41-year-old was recently declared bankrupt and she is hoping that she could bring a version of her reality show, My Crazy Life, to US channels.

Katie allegedly believes she could be the next 'real housewives' star and has flown to New York with on/off boyfriend Kris Boyson, and his mum, in a bid to persuade him that their lives would be better served on the other side of the Atlantic.

Millions of people watch shows like the Real Housewives of New York and Katie reportedly thinks that she belongs among them.

A friend of Katie told The Sun : "Katie doesn’t think America has seen anything like her before and that she could do really well over there.

"Katie also needs a fresh start in the New Year so living somewhere else would really appeal to her."

She has jetted into New York in a bid to show Kris "what an amazing life they could have their together."

So far it has apparently worked as the friend said: "It has opened Kris' eyes up to a new world which was part of the reason for the trip.”

Kris and Katie's relationship has had a bit of a battering in recent weeks, with the strain of bankruptcy proceedings and Katie admitting to cheating on him twice, leaving them very close to ending it all for good.

Getting away from their situation in the UK was regarded as a priority in a bid to heal their relationship.

The friend continued: "Katie and Kris needed to get away from the house, which is a building site and be able to spend some time together.

"Katie has certainly been making a fuss of Kris and they’ve put the romance back in their relationship."

Despite claiming that she is broke, Katie is apparently looking forward to Christmas and is not going to let her financial situation "ruin things for her or for the kids."

She is planning to spend the festive period with Kris at her mum's after she returns from her New York break.

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