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Man pulls giant 32ft tapeworm out of his bottom while using the toilet (photos)

This will irritate you and I am just here laughing. Not every time smooth news, smooth news, see what others go through too. So yes, this you will see, don;t even scroll pass, don't try it. LOL.

This is the disgusting 32ft-long tapeworm a horrified man pulled out of his backside while using the toilet.

Kritsada Ratprachoom, 44, felt something "sticking out of his bottom" and soon yanked the live parasite free.

The repulsed father, from Udon Thani in north eastern Thailand, described its texture as sticky and stretchy.

"I felt like I wasn't finished defecating, like something was left.

"Turns out there was something sticking out of my bottom," the freelance photographer said.

Pictures show the long tapeworm wriggled up on the toilet.

Kritsada took the snaps and then flushed the slithering parasite down the loo.

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