How long should normal lovemaking last?

According to some people, they said that lovemaking can last as long as the man is capable of handling his partner.

But for this Nigeria lady, she said that “Any man that last 30 minutes during lovemaking is a mad man”

This Nigerian lady on her Twitter handle named Lorita Deina has stirred up a controversy on social media after she insisted that lovemaking should not last beyond 30 minutes, and any guy that spends more than 30 minutes during lovemaking must be a mad man.

This lady in her tweet also claimed it is only the jobless guys that would spend more time in lovemaking instead of looking for profitable things to do.

See her tweet below;

“Any guy that last 30.minutes during s-x is a mad man. Use your energy to work and make money. S-x is not work!”she tweeted.

The lady has since received several backlashes for making such a comment.
See screenshot below: